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Ours is a land of many gods, and we are a people with the ability to pick the worst of them.

Cahan du Nahare is known as the forester—a man who can navigate the dangerous Deepforest like no one else. But once he was more. Once he belonged to the god of fire.

Udinny serves the goddess of the lost, a goddess of small things; when she ventures into the Deepforest to find a lost child, Cahan will be her guide. But in a land where territory is won and lost for uncaring gods, where temples of warrior monks pit one prophet against another—Cahan will need to choose the forest or the fire—and his choice will have consequences for his entire world.

The Gods of the Wyrdwood by R.J. Barker

SKU: 9780316401586
C$23.99 Regular Price
C$19.19Sale Price
  • Format

    640 pages; Paperback

  • Series

    The Forsaken Trilogy (#1)

  • Published

    June 27, 2023 by Orbit

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