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The raven had struck. And thing was, she knew exactly who was next…

London, 1960. Marion Lane, a twenty-five-year-old apprentice detective at the elusive Miss Brickett’s Investigations & Inquiries, is busier than ever and determined to prove herself worthy of an official Inquirer badge. But when her dear friend and fellow detective Bill’s new girlfriend, Darcy, is targeted by a dangerous gang leader and seeks out the Inquirers’ help, Marion cannot help but get involved.

Just when Marion thinks she has the situation under control, Darcy disappears without a trace and the agency receives a package containing a dead raven, tangled in bloodied yellow twine, leaving everyone stumped. Everyone, that is, except for Marion. Because she’s seen this package before—on her mother’s doorstep, a month before her death.

With unforeseen twists peppered throughout, Marion Lane and the Raven's Revenge follows Marion’s most personal case to date, as she seeks to uncover not only who is behind these ominous packages, but how they are related to her mother’s mysterious death and secretive past.

Marion Lane and the Raven's Revenge by T.A. Willberg

SKU: 9780778334194
  • Format

    304 pages; Paperback

  • Series

    Marion Lane (#3)

  • Published

    June 6, 2023 by Park Row Books

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