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Imaginative sisters Maple and Willow find their own imaginative way to navigate a big change.

Maple and Willow have always been inseparable. So what happens when Maple starts school, leaving little sister Willow behind? At first, they each put on their bravest face—Maple regaling Willow with a breathless rundown of her day, and Willow responding with tales of her own adventures with a mysterious new friend—but the truth is, they miss each other. Willow feels left behind and lonely without Maple; and Maple worries that Willow has replaced her with another friend. Fortunately, the sisters eventually realize that the missing is mutual, and come up with a creative solution that will let them feel connected even when they are apart.

Maple & Willow Apart by Lori Nichols

SKU: 9780399167539
  • Format

    32 pages; Hardcover

  • Published

    July 21, 2015 by Penguin Young Readers Group

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