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"Readers who love classic stories retold from the feminist perspective, like Circe by Madeline Miller, will enjoy this entire series." — Booklist


She is a mother, a queen, a villain. However we remember her, her wrath will never be forgotten.


Clytemnestra is no stranger to pain. As a wife and queen, she bears it with stoicism. But when her husband does the unthinkable, sacrificing one of their daughters to appease the ruthless gods and bring himself glory in battle, Clytemnestra is forever changed.


No longer will she stand by, a mere witness to the brutal games of gods and men. She will play by their vicious rules. She will rise to power, cut down those who oppose her, and protect her remaining children, whatever the cost. But revenge is as venomous and unforgiving as a snake, and Clytemnestra's actions will change her family in ways she could never imagine.


Perfect for readers of lush, feminist retellings in the vein of Natalie Haynes and Elodie Harper, A Spartan's Sorrow is a nuanced story of power, loss, and bitter betrayal—a story of the rise and fall of history's most infamous queen.

A Spartan's Sorrow by Hannah Lynn

SKU: 9781728284279
  • Format

    336 pages; Paperback

  • Published

    April 2, 2024 by Sourcebooks Landmark

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