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The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle meets Magpie Murders in this atmospheric locked room murder mystery set in 1950’s London, introducing Marion Lane, a bookish detective-in-training and exciting new heroine in fiction.


"Every page is a delightthis is what would happen if a trainee James Bond was asked to solve an Agatha Christie mystery, and it's brilliant."

Stuart Turton, bestselling author of The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder plunges readers into the heart of London, to the secret tunnels that exist far beneath the city streets. There, a mysterious group of detectives recruited for Miss Brickett’s Investigations & Inquiries use their cunning and gadgets to solve crimes that have stumped Scotland Yard.

Late one night in April 1958, a filing assistant for Miss Brickett’s receives a letter warning her that a heinous act is about to occur. She goes to investigate, but at the stroke of midnight, she is murdered by a killer she can’t see—her death the only sign she wasn’t alone.

Marion Lane, a first-year Inquirer-in-training, finds herself being drawn ever deeper into the investigation. When hercolleague is framed for the crime, she must sort through the hidden alliances at Miss Brickett’s and secrets dating back to WWII to uncover the real killer. Brimming with imagination and suspense, Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder is a fresh take on the Agatha Christie–style locked-room mystery with an exciting new heroine detective at the helm.

Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder by T. A. Willberg

SKU: 9780778311911
  • Format

    368 pages; Paperback

  • Series

    Marion Lane (#1)

  • Published

    January 4, 2022 by Park Row

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