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“A little romance, a lot of laugh-out-loud episodes, and a heroine who, like all strong Southern ladies, lives to fight another day in this comic novel of revenge. Southern fiction doesn’t get any better than this.” — The Mystery Company


New York Times bestselling author Mary Kay Andrews delivers a tantalizing tale about an abandoned Atlanta housewife and mother who tells one tiny white lie that sets her world spiraling outrageously out of control.


Mary Bliss McGowan doesn’t realize her marriage is in trouble until one hot summer night when she finds a note from her husband Parker telling her he’s gone—and has taken all the family finances with him. A shocked Mary Bliss had thought everything was just peachy. There have been so many divorces on her block that the neighborhood is nicknamed Split City, and now she’s just one of the crowd.


But there’s nothing usual about the way Mary Bliss handles this dilemma. With an expensive, 17 year old daughter, a ga-ga mother-in-law in the local nursing home, a big mortgage, and no dough, there’s only one thing for her to do: she stages Parker’s death and puts in a claim for the insurance money. Naturally, everything that can go wrong does.

Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews

SKU: 9780060566692
  • Format

    448 Pages; Paperback

  • Published

    March 26, 2024 by HarperCollins

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